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Going the Distance

Written by Laurel Moore

Long-distance relationships are some of the most common that people have in college. During this upcoming break-up season, I thought I could share some tips about some of the things I have learned while being in a long-distance relationship throughout college.

  • Effort is key. To make any relationship work, especially one that is long distance, both parties must put in effort to see each other and make time for one another. I am as guilty as the next person when it comes to getting lost in my “college bubble” and often losing sight of what is outside of it…including my boyfriend. What you cannot forget is that they are your significant other and deserve your time just as much as, or more than, the other things in your school life. Plus, it is also super attractive when your s/o plans out dates for the both of you.
  • Trust. Trust, and I cannot stress this enough, is one of the most important things in a relationship. While you both are apart, there are many things that can worry you. Without truly trusting your partner there will be many arguments and hardships that can occur when they are not around. Trust will not only keep you sane, but it will also show your partner that you trust them. That is what is important.
  • Communication. Talk. To. Each. Other. Make time for meaningful conversations with each other. Not being able to see each other very often can result in dead end texting conversations where you often feel bored. Call each other, tell them about your day, let them know what you’re stressed about. Keep them in the loop about what goes on in your life so that they don’t feel as if you have a separate life without them.

I will be honest, long-distance relationships in college take work. They will not come easily and effort is needed to really make things last. However, my relationship is one of the greatest things in my life. In the ever-changing life on a college campus, it’s nice to have that constant person in your life that is there to support and be by your side (figuratively).