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Pros and Cons of Iconic Halloween Goodies


Written by Aeryn McMurtry

Full-Size Candy Bars

Pros: The gold mine of trick or treat candy. You know you’ve hit the best house when the full-size candy comes out. Those are also the houses that usually put up the most realistic and spooky decorations.

Cons: These houses always run out of their full-size bars too fast. The biggest con is that if you hear about it from some other kid, chances are all the good stuff is already gone.


Pros: New writing utensil? Usually have a cool Halloween design

Cons: Never sharpened. Everything else.

Candy Corn

Pros: A staple Halloween candy. It only comes out for Halloween and the season would be incomplete without it. An iconic addition to every pumpkin bucket.

Cons: Slightly chalky flavor. Always feels like you can’t eat too much without the flavor getting repetitive and overwhelming.

Dollar Store Candy that only shows up at Halloween

Pros: Another iconic Halloween treat. No bucket is complete without it and it always comes with the added spooky factor of nobody having any idea where it came from. The grandma’s strawberry candies of Halloween.

Cons: Usually not good quality chocolate. No matter how quickly you eat it, it always seems to have that dry, cheap flavor and look.

Halloween Versions of Regular Funsize Candy

Pros: All of the old favorites with new designs and occasionally new flavors. You can never go wrong with an iconic Orange Chocolate KitKat or a pumpkin-shaped Reese’s Cup.

Cons: Companies always use the holidays as an excuse to jack up the price. A regular variety bag is consistently $1.50 cheaper than a themed one.