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And They Were Roommates…

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Written by Caisi Calandra

You and your homegirl just spent an hour getting ready to go out on a Friday night. You’re locking the door of your shared room and slipping the key into your back pocket when she asks, “Hey, what do think about [REDACTED]? I think he’s really cute…”


Your first thought is, of course, I think [REDACTED] is cute too! Crap!

There’s nothing wrong with sharing opinions and agreeing with your roommate’s assessment of [REDACTED]’s physical attributes. Friends do that all the time! But in this case, you might want to tread lightly because, uh, yeah, you might agree with your roommate, but you also think [REDACTED] is cute in a way that could be, like, boyfriend material.

And you know your roommate asking for your opinion about [REDACTED] is just her way of asking, “Should I shoot my shot?”

So…should she shoot her shot?

What about you?

If your relationship with your roommate is easy-breezy, and you’ve known each other for a while, approach the subject directly. If you guys have been close for a while, and have experienced the ups and downs of college life arm-in-arm, then talking about liking the same guy at the same time shouldn’t tank your awesome friendship.

The catch? There is a chance that it might tank it.

In that case, though it might be tough to accept at first, your friendship might not have been that solid to begin with.

If you personally feel like you like this guy and you wanted to shoot your shot before your roommate, try to let her know as politely as possible. Maybe a simple “Hey, I was gonna talk to him, actually. I know him from…” And so on.

Maybe inquire why she thinks he’s cute, or why she thinks he might be boyfriend material. Simply starting some sort of dialogue about this guy will clear up so many future problems.

And at the end of the day, you guys are sharing a room with each other.

It would worth your time to address both of your crushes before things get a little chick noir.