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Humans of Roanoke College: Deanna Keller

deanna keller

Written by Madalyn Chapman

This edition of the Brackety-Ack, we’re introducing you to Deanna Keller. She’s a member of the Class of 2021, plays clarinet in the Roanoke College Wind Ensemble, and has declared a biology major.

“My hometown in Maine was very small and everyone was spread out.  I loved it though.  Because on clear nights you could see all the stars in the sky and we had to best view of the sunset and sunrise from our house.  To sum it up, growing up in Maine was peaceful and fun, and it was an experience I wouldn’t want to trade for anything.
When I started applying to colleges, I had literally no idea where I wanted to go.  I just knew I wanted to get out of my comfort zone which meant going out of state. Roanoke was actually the first college I applied to. As the year went by, I was getting letters and phone calls and e-mails. I fell in love with the campus when I came to visit, and then more and more things just pointed me in this direction: music, scholarships, and a community presence. People hold doors open for each other, smile at random strangers, and the professors and staff are so nice.

I think the weather is the biggest difference between Virginia and Maine, especially now that it’s winter.  At home right now, it is cold and the snow isn’t going anywhere until Easter. Even during the fall, in Maine it was a lot colder. It was a little bit of an adjustment because it was really hot here and I wasn’t as used to it.

I’d say my time with the band has been my most fun experience at Roanoke so far.  I always loved band back home, but we were relatively small.  The RC Band performed in a fall concert this past semester at Blacksburg High School with their community band, and it was so amazing. I’d never played on stage with so many people and it was an amazing experience. Of course, there is also the little things. The funny jokes with the clarinet section, and Dr. Blaha’s rubber chicken at pep band games. I’ve just so much enjoyed being a part of it.”