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RC Students Share Second Round of Crazy Hookup Tales


Written by Shamira James

On this episode of “making it do what it do” at Roanoke College, here’s part two of everyone’s favorite Brackety-Ack installment, crazy hookup stories. Here’s a safe place to air out your dirty laundry. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us…and the entire campus.

1.)   Holy Hickey I met this guy on Tinder, and he went to Liberty University, so I was thinking, eh, he’s probably safe. He came over and we watched a scary movie and then made out. One thing led to another, and then I’m covered in hickies. Coincidentally, it was Parents’ Weekend, and my mom was coming. She took me turtleneck shopping and all was well. The poor boy wanted to be pastor.” – Senior, Female, 21

2.)   Goin’ for the 3-peat – “I was at a party, kind of dancing alone, and this guy comes up to me and starts dancing with me, but not stereotypical frat-grinding, but really nice and fun dancing with spinning and twirls and stuff. We end up going up to his room fooled around a little but didn’t go all the way. So you can imagine my surprise when his entire frat class had the idea that we had sex. Two weeks later, I saw him trying to put the moves on another girl, and I pulled her away because I’m not letting any other girl go through that!” Freshman, Female, 19

3.)   Weezer? I hardly even knew her! – It was senior year of high school and I was at a National Thespian conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. I was listening to Weezer on a bench and girl sat next to me, and after 24 hours, we were in love. We skipped workshops, snuck into a rehearsal room, locked the door and sex for two hours while people were right outside.” —Sophomore, Male, 19

4.)   Old is Gold — “I was 19 at the time, and I met this guy on Grindr. He was nice and we agreed to meet to hookup … he was 60 – that’s older than my dad! We ended up shacking up in his camper on a farm… and since I know you want to know, he was AMAZING. Older people have way more experience.” —Junior, Male, 21