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Cutting the “Too Sweet” Talk

Written by Mateo Biggs

I won’t lie, I’ve always been a fan of any diverse genres of music– I’m the kinda guy who means it when I say I don’t mind what music my friends play when we spend time together. My own playlists are a mix of rock, K-pop, J-rap, electronic music, Dark R&B, etc. 

Recently, however, I have been listening to Hozier’s newest song “Too Sweet” on repeat. It’s a really good song in general– an engaging rhythm and lyrics that are good to sing to because they’re memorable. For me I just enjoy the style of music Hozier makes in general as he does make up a lot of my playlists in general.

With his newest song, though, it did get me thinking about a lot of things as well. For instance, it made me laugh at the juxtaposition of me and my own partner and our own tastes. I actually do drink my coffee black when I make it myself, or I get an iced americano whenever I go out for coffee. My partner, however, only likes having extremely sweet frappes or sweet, hot teas from cafes. I like a lot of different music genres where he only listens to 1 or 2 different genres and usually it’s the same couple of songs on repeat. 

I play a few sports for fun like soccer or volleyball while my partner doesn’t and while he prefers spending nights playing games, I sometimes enjoy going out with my friends. 

Why did I get these thoughts from a simple Hozier song? Simple, it comes from a few lyrics like “You’re too sweet for me / I take my whiskеy neat / My coffee black and my bed at three” and “You keep tellin’ me to live right / To go to bed before the daylight / But then you wake up for the sunrise”.

It’s these lyrics that made me think of how much we can differ from the people closest to us while still loving and caring for them a lot. Plus I just really always enjoyed Hozier’s music and “Too Sweet” might just have become my favorite song he has released since “Arsonist’s Lullabye”. 

Can’t wait to see how many listens it’ll take to see if I’ll ever get sick of it.