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First Picklebrawl Tournament Announced in Salem

Written by Hannah Guanti 

The first USA Pickleball sanctioned tournament is slated to be played in Salem this fall. The ‘Picklebrawl in Virginia’s Blue Ridge’ is expected to bring hundreds of fans and competitors to the valley. Beyond being an officially sanctioned competition, Picklebrawl is also the first tournament held in the commonwealth.  

Salem is quickly becoming a sports-hub, and last year the city hosted its 100th NCAA Championship since 1993. The area is quickly establishing itself as a location for sports enthusiasts and developers. 

“Pickleball is the most growing sport in the United States, and we’re going to get into this form of sports marketing, and with the new 13 courts coming at the Moyer Sports complex, we are here.” said John Shaner, director of Parks and Recreation in a press conference. 

Not only will this be a fun event for locals and visitors, the tournament is expected to increase tourism and the local economy. Not only will the competitors be playing on Salem’s courts but visiting the restaurants, staying at the hotels, and interacting with the community. 

City officials report that this tournament could bring in millions of dollars in revenue for the region. 

In the meantime, Moyer Sports Complex continues to be under construction as a whole, not just for the creation of new pickleball courts.

This development provides an increase in athletic tourism and quality outdoor recreational spaces for the local community. 

The college is also opening their eyes to the trend that is pickleball. Last fall, Campus Recreation hosted a doubles tournament for students. 

Look out for more on-campus events in the future as the landscape of recreation continues to change.