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Maroons Talk: Almost the End

Written by Adriana Rose

In response to “Are you excited for summer? Any big plans you’re excited for?”

Cal Horton ‘26 said, “I’m pretty excited for my May Term this summer. I’m going on the “Spirituality and Sustainability” on in Washington. People think it’s dumb to stay in the country for their May Term, but I’ve been to a handful of countries and never the West Coast.”

In response to “What is your favorite part of spring?”

Zachary Bayers ‘27 said, “My favorite part of spring is mainly the weather and (of course) all the blooming flora. It’s especially beautiful right after it rains, since all the colors are hydrated and pop out way more.”

In response to “Were you obsessed with a singer/band in your childhood? Which band and do you have anything funny to share about this period of your life”

William Arellano ‘25 said, “When I was really young, for some reason, I was really into LMFAO: the two guys who made ‘Party Rock Anthem’ and were really popular in the early 2010s. I even convinced my parents to take me to a concert when I was 12, and I have a vivid memory of jumping up and down to the song ‘Shots’ with LMFAO and Lil Jon, and looking back, that must have been a funny sight.