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Written by Zachary Bayers

As the semester brings to a close and summer inches ever closer, some students might be granted a vast amount of spare time throughout such a refreshing break. The main issue that usually occurs however, how does one use that time wisely? For those of you who have all the hours in the world to spend and are looking to sink your teeth into a lengthy campaign, I have the perfect game for you.

“Baldur’s Gate 3” is a massively popular RPG (role-playing game) that takes major inspiration from Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, creating a sprawling world full of areas to explore and choices to make. With a fully customizable character along with a plethora of different options that majorly influence the story later, the amount of fun and content you can get out of this game is staggering. Its prestige is nothing to scoff at, winning six categories at the Game Awards, including Game of The Year for 2023. Such feats alone prove that the quality of this brilliant game is second to none within the gaming realm.

Not only that, but “Baldur’s Gate” has an incredibly compelling story with even more interesting characters that you can choose to either recruit as companions alongside you or fight against them. The main power of this game is that the choices and fate of everything is in your hands, for your actions mean everything. If you were to murder everyone in sight, you would gradually become a more and more evil individual in the story; the opposite is vice versa. Ever rarely are scenarios black and white however, with tough decisions plaguing your every step, forcing you to think wisely about your next move. The combat and strategy in this game is also fantastic, including satisfying a large array of different classes, moves, spells, and more. “Baldur’s Gate” is more so on the expensive side with a $60 price tag, however in my opinion the investment is more than worth it. The quality of this adventure brings the current AAA market to shame. Currently I’m on my first playthrough, and even after 50 hours later, I’m still on the first act of three total despite progressing so much. 

If you’re interested in checking it out, the game can be bought on either Steam or PlayStation, and even has multiplayer features where you and your friends can play with each other if you so choose.