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Advice from Roanoke Track and Field Seniors

Written by Tim Hofstaetter

It is that time of the year where we start to recognize the amazing senior’s graduating this spring semester. Roanoke Track and Field did this at their biggest home meet of the year. This year there were 11 seniors who all came in during the height of the pandemic and have stuck through the thick and thin. Not only have they stuck through hardships, they thrived both on and off the track and field. Through probably the worst time to start college, we thrived and adapted throughout the twists and turns that Roanoke College threw at us. This gives us ample experience and a lot of knowledge we are willing to pass down. So, while recognizing all that we have done, the coaching staff asked us for any advice and here is what we all said.

Mikayla Hefferon’s advice is: “Trust the process and listen to the people who have experience before you. Take your time with whatever it is you do and enjoy each day as it goes by.”

Taylor Poole’s advice is: “The best piece of advice I have to leave behind is to always invest in your community on the track and outside of it—both build you up with discipline, education, and love and those are the most important things to share with those around you at all times.”

Grace Fowler’s advice is: “Don’t be too hard on yourselves and just enjoy the sport.”

Cameron McDonald’s advice is: “Attempting to find the balance between trying your absolute best and being lenient with yourself has lovely effects. Try silly things.” 

Anna Stafford’s advice is: “Say yes to everything you can because it’ll be over before you know it.”

Kaitlyn Nguyen’s advice is: “Always support your fellow maroon and have great team spirit!”

Olivia Hurley’s advice is: “Prioritize your health and education.  All progress as a student, athlete, and person is valuable.”

Haylee Gamble’s advice is: “You can work hard to achieve success and have fun at the same time, so do both.” 

Cammi Winston’s advice is: “Believe in your abilities but be humble in all that you do.”

Jared McIntrye’s advice is: “Always shoot for the stars and putting in the work will get you the results. And to enjoy the moment.” 

Tim Hofstaetter (my) advice is: “Support each other and get involved. My best years at Roanoke have come once I became a more active member on campus and this team. This creates relationships and connections that will last a lifetime. Lastly, I know I will no longer go here but do not hesitate to reach out as we all bleed Maroon, and I am always here for you all.”