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Midseason Roundup for Roanoke Basketball

Written by Tim Hofstaetter

ODAC play is about halfway to the halfway point for both women’s and men’s basketball. I want to add some perspective to both teams’ records to give hope for the ODAC tournament. This article is being written before games both teams have on Wednesday so by the time this comes out hopefully, we have two more wins on our hands. 

The women’s basketball team has a winning record of 7-4 in ODAC play. 3 out of 4 of this team’s losses have been by single digits. The only loss of double digits was to Shenandoah University who is 9-1 in ODAC play. In the 7 wins, they have been dominating with only one win coming by single digits. The winning recipe so far has been to win the turnover and rebounding battle. Winning these means that they are creating more possessions while also finishing out defensive possessions. Being a great defensive rebounding team is essential for team defense. Without the rebound, the 30 seconds of good defense gives the opposing team another chance. Creating extra possessions is essential, as well. Many possessions, so far, have been live ball turnovers. This leads to more opportunities in transition. Therefore, leading to layups which is the most efficient shot in basketball. Our women’s team have a great recipe for winning and it is super fun to watch. 

The men’s basketball team is 4-5 in ODAC play. However, that doesn’t tell the whole story. They started off the season struggling a bit dropping 4 straight games but in the last 5 games of ODAC play they are 4-1. I believe these last few games are a much better representation of the team. Many of us know the team lost a large team contributor this year, Kasey Draper. The team has adjusted to their play without this key player and have found their groove. In their wins, they have been dominating with an average margin of victory being around 15 points. Their loss in the last 5 came against Randolph-Macon, the ODAC champion of last year. In this stretch, we have had balanced scoring with all 5 games having a different leading scorer and the second leading scorer having less than 4 points difference between the two. Much like our women’s team, they have been forcing live ball turnovers with their stellar perimeter defense leading to transition possessions.

I say this every year, but our teams are serious competitors in the ODAC, and all deserve to have their games attended. Especially the women’s team, which on average has about 75 fewer people attending. We all bleed maroon and should show it for the women’s sports teams as well!