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Folk of ‘Noke: Emma Holly

Written by Juniper Rogers

Emma Holly (she/her) is a senior from Dayton, Maine, who is double-majoring in literary studies and creative writing with a concentration in publishing and editing.

Emma has diligently worked in the Roanoke College gameroom all 4 years. “My favorite part about the gameroom is getting to meet so many new people every start of the semester, and playing pool/fuseball with all my friends.”

On a similar note, she added “I really like board games, especially Clue because I used to play it with my Pepere Lee.”

Emma used to foster dogs from 1st grade to the beginning of high school, which she says was a big motivator in her getting a job at Petsmart. She also enjoys writing poetry, Harry Potter, and watching horror and romcom movies.

As for Emma’s plans for after graduation, she says “I’m currently looking to teach English abroad, probably in the Netherlands, but I’m also looking at other plans. I don’t have anything set in stone.” No matter the uncertainty of the future, her
excitement for what comes shined through.

On her way out to a very important meeting Emma made sure to add “I am thankful to Mateo, Sydney, Ethan, James, Adelle, Julia, Ellis, Ben, Maggie, and Rosie for being there for me when I needed you, and finally Dr. Almeder for always believing in me and boosting my confidence when I needed it.”