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America’s Own Lochness

Written by

Kai Sanchez

In the tranquil waters of Chesapeake Bay, a mystery lurks beneath the surface—a legend that has captured the imaginations of locals and visitors alike for almost a century. Meet Chessie, the elusive sea monster believed to roam the expansive waters of the United States’ largest estuary.

Nicknamed the “American Nessie” online, Chessie looks just about as you’d expect. She’s been described as a serpentine creature with a long neck and a set of humps along her back. Tales of sightings and encounters have been passed down through generations. The first recorded sighting of Chessie dates back to the early 1930s when, supposedly, a military helicopter reported seeing “something reptilian and unknown” in the water. This story would later get debunked, as helicopter flights started closer to 1940 in Connecticut.

That aside, the legend continued to grow, with sporadic sightings continuing to captivate the public. Skeptics dismiss the sightings as figments of overactive imaginations, while believers point to the consistency in the descriptions of Chessie across various eyewitness accounts. Some theorize online that Chessie could be a surviving species of marine reptile, a distant relative of the prehistoric plesiosaurs that once roamed Earth’s oceans. Others believe that Chessie might be a giant sea serpent.

Chessie’s legend has become deeply ingrained in Chesapeake Bay culture, with the creature making appearances in local art, newspapers, and even on the logos of businesses. In the 1980’s Chessie started being used as a symbol for environmental advocacy in Maryland. Her artistic interpretation made her seem friendly; she was even included in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service educational coloring book!

While the scientific community remains skeptical, the idea of Chessie continues to captivate the minds of those who call Chesapeake Bay home. Whether she’s a mythical creature or a misunderstood marine animal, Chessie adds a touch of mystery and wonder to the waters of the bay, making us wonder what could lurk in the murky waters. As long as the legend endures, Cryptozoologists will be trying to find evidence she exists.