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Athletic Department Organizing Maroon Madness & Cup Pong Tournament

Written by Elle Gunter

Roanoke College Athletic Department is hosting Maroon Madness, encouraging students to participate in Maroon Monday’s!  The event is being held on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, from 5-8p.m. on the Athletic Quad. There will be a food truck accepting meal swipes, including nachos, a drink, and a dessert. Other games, music, and a free T-shirt will also be available for those who do not plan on participating in the cup pong tournament. 

The tournament is first come first serve, with a $5 entry fee for each person on the team of two. Sign up will start at 5 p.m. and go on until the start time at 6 p.m. The winners will receive a cash money prize of $200.00, along with a Maroon Monday t-shirt. Senior Woman Administrator & Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Carla Flaherty, is helping AD Curtis Campbell head the event, with hopes of building campus morale amongst students and faculty. 

“The goal is to demonstrate that no matter who you are—you are a part of a larger community. From students, to coaches, to faculty, and to staff. WE ARE MAROON”, Flaherty added.

To inspire Maroon Mondays, the athletic department and campus recreation department have been working on more events for students to attend. When asked about the goal of Maroon Mondays on campus, Flaherty mentions, “Maroon Mondays are a visual demonstration that we are ALL connected and a part of the Roanoke College Family and Community. [The goal is] is to create community cohesiveness and to roll out Maroon Mondays on campus moving forward. We are MAROON and on Mondays we will show our Roanoke Pride by wearing Maroon.”. 

Bring your friends to Maroon Madness this upcoming Wednesday, beginning at 5p.m. until 8p.m.!