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Folk of ‘Noke: Ethan Stevenson

Written by Juniper Rogers

Ethan Stevenson (he/him) is a senior from Apex, North Carolina who has buckets full of ambition and charm. He is double-majoring in Economics and Political Science with a concentration in finance. Speaking on where he hopes to take these academic endeavors, “I want to work in a finance occupation that isn’t draining or takes advantage of other people.” Next, we move to Ethan’s exemplary service to our community– the President of RC Pride, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer of the Public Affairs Society, Treasurer of the Board Game Club, Secretary and Treasurer of the Honors Program, and the RA on the 1st floor of Maxey hall.

Ethan gives a lot of his time to this campus’ humans, but he also cherishes the other creatures that call this campus home. “My favorite campus pet has to be the skunks that run around outside of sections whenever I am doing my rounds!” I can always tell that I have crossed a skunk’s path when I smell their ever-so-generous defense mechanism. They leave quite theimpact, to say the least.

Do you like dice? Well, come on down to give a go at “Retirement!” Ethan Stevenson is making a board game for his honors distinction project, which is aimed at teaching personal finance and retirement. This marvelous tabletop game is a dice-rolling and dice-placement game that can play 3-7 players in 45-90 minutes. Over the course of 6 rounds, players will be competing to have more money in their 401K, and whoever does, wins!

Especially for our first years, finding the balance between school work, personal time, and a Social life can be an ongoing challenge. Ethan hopes to shed some let on how he has approached this task with the following. “My strategy for balancing a busy work life is focusing on devoting just the right amount of time to things and then focusing on what’s urgent and Important.”

Ethan concluded the interview by saying “I would like to thank Dr. Kassens, my distinction project advisor, for providing me with so many opportunities, specifically with Econ Lab, and all of the speakers she brings to campus. I would also like to thank my friends Adelle, Ainsley, Ben C, Brenna, Emma, James, Julia, Lacey, Owen, and Sydney for being amazing, supportive, and

chaotic friends!”