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Thoughts from Seventh Grade

by Rebecca Dance

Question: What is your favorite music genre, and why? 

“I love fortnite.”

“Pop-rock because it is very diverse and is very energetic.”

“Techno because I like the sound of just electric instruments.”

“Rap because I don’t like lots of slow music.”

“If I’m having a bad day, listen to Drake. If I’m having a good day I’ll still listen to Drake.”

“Punk, because it is loud, fast, and exciting.”

“Math rock because it’s chaotic, unorganized (but organized) sound.”

“I hate music.”

“Drill music because it makes my day.”

“Michael Jackson because he sings about black history in some of his songs and he doesn’t let it be forgotten.”

“Rap because of the precision and skill they must have to make it good music. I also really like Weird Al.”

“R&B because my mom used to play it and I would jam in the backseat.”

“Country music eats.”