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Changing Clothes like the Seasons

by Allison Shaw

With the season changing, so are the trends, and as the weather warms up there’s no better excuse to get some new clothes. A few trends are definitely leading the pack, so here’s an idea of what you should keep an eye on (and ways to add it to your closet). 

The 2000’s are back in full swing, and with them comes low waists. After jeans waistbands slowly rose in the mid to late 2010’s, with “mom jeans” at their height in 2016, they’re beginning to drop down again. Tiktok fashion influencers and the rise of “thrifting,” or scouring thrift stores for cute clothes that are also cheap, are probable causes of this trend. With the low waist pants coming back, we’re also seeing pants getting bigger; baggy pants or bell bottoms are coming into style. If you’re interested in some low waisted pants, check out Hollister or PacSun. Pair them with a crop top and a smaller purse for a cute, “Y2K” inspired look that’s perfect for spring. Remember, anyone can wear low waists, even plus sizes, and yes, that means everyone.

With the low waist also comes the maxi skirt. This piece has been on a slower comeback, but was featured on many runways this season and it won’t be going away any time soon. Luckily, maxi skirts are versatile and come in many different styles, so you’re sure to find one that you like. If you’re going for more of a bohemian look, try a tiered maxi skirt in a neutral or earthy color. For something more form fitting and ethereal, a mesh or chiffon maxi skirt might be something to look into. These are a personal favorite, and come in multiple colors and even cute patterns. And if you’re looking to be bold, try out a denim maxi skirt. These can be worn with any outfit you would wear jeans with, to spice it up.

Finally, two piece sets have been all the rage recently, and this spring will be no exception. Two piece sets are really easy ways to bulk up your closet, as you have an outfit already made right there for you, or you can mix and match with different pieces to create more outfits. Target is rolling out a bunch of adorable two piece sets currently for spring, with their crochet knit sets and skirt sets being some of my favorites. Two piece sets can be a bit pricey, but when worn together always give a very put together look and are an easy way to build an outfit. 

If you’re in the market for some new clothes after a spring cleaning, or just want to shop, look into some of these trends!