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Coffee vs. Chai Tea

by Marisa Seager

Most people cannot deny their need for an extra boost in the morning, but what kind of caffeine should you consume? To better answer this question, here is some more information on the two biggest contenders – coffee and chai tea.

Without a doubt, the caffeine content in a cup of coffee is much more than one of chai tea. However, the benefits of sipping tea definitely outweigh those of coffee. Some of these benefits include mental clarity and focus over an extended amount of time. 

All teas contain tannins, which are a type of compound called polyphenols. These vary in different teas and are what provide them with taste, color, and various benefits. In tea, tannins are the reason why you don’t experience the jitters like you do when drinking coffee. This is because they assist your body in absorbing caffeine at a slower rate, giving you the focus you need while still keeping you calm. For those sensitive to caffeine, this is especially helpful.

Aside from preventing the jitters, tannins may also promote heart health. Because they contain procyanidins and flavonoids, wonders can be worked for the heart. Procyanidins improve blood circulation and blood vessel function which lessens the risk of heart disease. Flavonoids prevent the production of peptides that are capable of affecting blood circulation and hardening arteries. 

These same tannins can also help prevent an upset stomach, improve metabolism, and encourage smooth digestion processes. Sometimes teas will also contain things like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. All of these have cleaning properties that may prevent digestive issues. 

Polyphenols like tannins are also known to help lower cholesterol. This is because they lower low-density cholesterols, aka the bad ones, and increase the high-density ones, aka the good ones. Your body will definitely thank you for maintaining a healthy ratio between the good and bad cholesterol levels.

The benefits explained above only scratch the surface as to why you should be drinking more chai tea. As much as you may love your morning cup of coffee, your body might prefer tea instead. So there you have it, caffeine from chai reigns supreme!