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A Playlist to Match the Weather

by Karen Kohler

With this unseasonably warm weather we have been getting, it is time to break out an upbeat playlist to match.  One that you can sit out and bask in the sun, walk around campus, or drive with the windows down to.  

To start we have “Henny in the Hamptons”by Bren Joy, an R&B track that kicks off with a little piano intro and features a smooth voice and layered, building vocals.  Next is “Superfruit” by Maude Latour, an electrifying pop track that will make you want to dance along and is perfect for walks or workouts.  

Of course, “Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift has to make an appearance on this list.  Summer is in the name and the vocals and production make it perfect to cruise to with the windows down.  It also tells the perfect story of a summer fling potentially turning into something more.  

“Daniel You’re Still A Child” by Declan Mckenna stands out because it has the sound of a soda can opening that fits so well with the feel of a warm spring or summer day, as does the general instrumentation of the song.  Japanese Breakfast has a few upbeat songs with fresh, unique production but “Be Sweet” and “In Heaven” are the obvious standout for this playlist.  

The 1975 are also always a good contender for a fun, upbeat soundtrack.  For this playlist we have “If You’re Too Shy (Let me Know)” with fun, overlapping lyrics you can’t help but attempt to sing along to. 

“Perfect Places” by Lorde is perfect for a night out or getting ready for one. “Summertime in Paris” by Jaden Smith and featuring his sister Willow, once again begs to be included with its name alone but is also the perfect feel good song that’s a bit more mellow than some others on the list.  This would be a good one to simply bask in the sun with. 

 For something very upbeat, there’s “Daydreaming” by Harry Styles which is a perfect wake up song that honestly brings your energy levels up just by listening.  Wallows also has a lot of good songs to just casually listen to while enjoying a nice day out, but “Quarterback” is especially perfect.  It has an addicting chorus that you won’t be able to stop listening to.  

Lastly, we will end the playlist with “What a Feeling” by One Direction because, why not?  Even if you consider yourself against One Direction you should give this one a chance because it does just suck you in and almost makes you feel as if you are in a movie, who does not love that?