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New Year, New Playlist

by Mia Shelton

2023 deserves a new soundtrack to keep motivation and spirits up. The cold wintery season can be a challenging and lethargic time for some.  Switching up songs throughout these coming winter months can personify the goals you wish to set.  Not sure where to begin?  Here are a few inspiring songs to serenade your Spring semester. 


Run- Dolly Parton 

In this song, Dolly uses inspirational words to coax you out of your seat and get goin.  The overall message of the song is to keep going!  Dolly tells her listeners to run for what they wish for in life.  “Run, run, and just keep goin’ ‘til you get to where you’re knowin’ you can rest, catch your breath, know how it feels to win.” In the infamous words of Ms. Parton, find a goal and run to it.  The only thing blocking you from achieving anything in life, is yourself.  


Prom- SZA

With a little groove of disco, SZA wrote a song that perfectly describes how it feels to come into age.  Prom is said to be a monumental time for high schoolers, and SZA sets her song around this event.  She is focused on this one event; she forgets to realize the changes around her. The partner she sings about is maturing, but she hasn’t quite figured how to so herself.  SZA is enthralled with this moment, she forgets she has a whole life ahead of her.  Try new things, don’t take everything personal, and keep yourself acquainted with change. It will help you appreciate these keystone moments SZA sings about. 


Ride- Steven Day

This bass loaded funk song will set rhythm into your daily routine.  This carefree tune carries the song that essentially reminds us to ride.  Enjoy life.  When you have a bad day, remember to take a break.  Breaks can be just as productive as completing work.  His verses tell listeners of bad scenarios Day is experiencing. He goes on to vocalize the joy of being able to confide in someone when times get tough.  “Give me all your troubles let’s ride” gives the listeners ease when struggles become bigger than the whole sky.  


There is an endless list of music that can be used for inspiration. Personalize your message and experiment with new sounds.  Some honorable mentions to include in your playlist are “You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” or “Lets Do This” by Hannah Montana, truly an iconic song to start the day. “Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)” and “Sunny Side Of Love” by Aerosmith if you’re feeling lucky with love.  “Breathe” by Taylor Swift if you are looking to cry, and “Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen if you are looking for a silly theatrical song.  Make playlists for friends and loved ones, keep your head up, and don’t forget to stay kind this winter season