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Is it Christmas Season Yet?

by Chamberlain Zulauf

The last three months on the calendar make up one of the best times of year— Holiday Season (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). As soon as the month of each respective holiday comes along it’s time to change themes. In October, it’s skeletons in the yard; in November, it’s hand turkeys on the fridge; and December is when Christmas lights come up. 

Christmas, though, is the people’s choice for the best holiday in the year, making people more eager to start setting up. Many households start setting up for Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner. 

Christmas advertisements start running well before Thanksgiving Day but that is no excuse to have Christmas decorations up at any point before Turkey Day. Let’s have a little respect for November! Unless, like my household, Christmas lights are never taken down in the first place, making for less hassle each year. 

Maybe a different indicator for putting Christmas décor up would be when you first hear Christmas music on the radio; or if there’s been a lot of snow towards the end of November. There are always going to be those houses which are completely set up a week before Thanksgiving. I get trying to get in good with Santa by showing Christmas spirit, but I just know those are the same houses that will have their house lit up well into January. 

Who am I though? The Grinch? The right time to put up Christmas lights is whenever you have someone around to help you put them up. That’s what Christmas is all about!