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Taylor’s Comeback

by Victoria McGraw

After five years Taylor Swift is finally going on tour.

Swift showed interest in music from a young age. Her career progressed quickly after her appearance singing The Star-Spangled Banner during a 2002 Philadelphia 76ers basketball game. Ever since then she picked up her guitar and began to write songs. In 2009, Swift went on her first tour of her album “Fearless”, which became the album of the year by the Academy of Country Music; she exceeded the best female video category for her song “You Belong With Me”.

When she gave her speech Kayne West interrupted Swift stating that Beyoncé had the best video of all time. Later, Beyoncé was accepting the award for video of the year and invited Swift onstage as well to conclude her speech. Such a power move. Swift’s latest album Midnight has become a big hit for many fans. The title of the album is a clear narrative on the different eras Swift went throughout her career rather than “Midnights” alone. Five years ago, her album “Reputation” sold over 1.2 million copies, Midnight topped this record in just four days. Loyal fans you could say. So, when Swift announced that she is going on her sixth tour again fans went crazy.

On Tuesday, November 15, Ticketmaster’s site crashed during the ticket sale of Swift’s tour. Ticketmaster explained to many reporters that over 3.5 million people pre-registered the sale of Swift tickets, which became the largest registration in history. That means she would have to do 900 stadium shows for the next 2.5 years, which is 20x the number of shows she is actually doing. Due to the crash, 1.5 million fans were invited to participate in the sale and the remaining 2 million are on a waiting list. Ticketmaster canceled its planned public sale of tickets to Swift’s tour. Around 2 million people were sold Swift tickets on Ticketmaster, which is the most sales Ticketmaster has ever seen with an artist.