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Maroons Talk; Holidays

by Juniper Rogers

 May you be a pagan, Jew, Christian, or even an elf, the month of December is a momentous, if not joyous, time of year.  With the temperature dropping further and squirrels burrowing with fervor, the jingle bells start to ring.  Come on, hop onto the sleigh!

   To the question of “What is your favorite Christmas tradition?” Lizzy Pighini ‘26 said “The night before Christmas, my family and I usually play board games together or watch Christmas movies. My mom and I also watch cheesy hallmark movies together leading up to Christmas.”

   To the question of “What is an obscure Christmas song you would suggest to your fellow RC students?” Lavender Oman ‘26 said “I highly recommend ‘Gary the Green Nose Reindeer’ because it is hilarious and depressing.  Every time I listen to it, I am reminded of the chill of the weather at this time of year.”

   To the question of “What’s your favorite Christmas Day activity?” Jesslyn McAllister said “On Christmas Day my family and I normally go to see a movie at the movie theater. I’ll wear my Christmas pajamas, we’ll get popcorn and sneak candy in.