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Halloweekend Costume Scaries

Chamberlain Zulauf

Halloween week is a spirited time on campus. It’s a perfect storm of spookiness and post-fall-break-rowdiness. The student body seemed overwhelmed this past week returning to academics and the college environment. There’s so much on students’ minds this week, from tests we were supposed to study for over break to dreaded due-by-midnight assignments. One thing in particular haunts many Maroons… 

“What are you going to be for Halloween?”

That’s a question every student was asked at least five times a day this past week— and you’d better have something ready. We all know what horror stories are going down this weekend and the further into Halloween week someone gets without having a costume in mind, the worse their anxiety gets. 

If anyone wants to have fun at parties, this weekend a costume is a necessity. Gone are the days when Mom buys you a Transformers mask or princess tiara. Maroons aren’t trick-or-treaters anymore. Serious thought has to go into a costume at our age.

Can you dance in those boots? Do you really want to wear that mask all night? Aren’t you going to get a little hot in that Spiderman morph suit? I just don’t want to see any Jeffery Dahmer’s out and about because that’s actually scary. 

I, myself, have no idea what I’m going to be this Halloweekend, so this article is coming from an honest place. I’ll figure something out soon… hopefully.