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Senior Spotlight: Carrington Lippi

 by Logan Tyler

Carrington Lippi is a senior captain and goalkeeper on the women’s soccer team from Stafford, VA. So far in her career at Roanoke, Lippi has appeared in 37 regular-season games with a total of 2,571 minutes in goal. She has an average save percentage of 72.3% in her college career.  

Lippi is majoring in criminal justice with a psychology minor and a crime, deviance, and social control concentration. She says her plans post-graduation consist of going to graduate school to earn her master’s degree in forensic science or crime scene investigation. While in graduate school, Lippi hopes to start working and figuring out where the next chapter of her life will take her.  

Lippi is no stranger to pregame rituals and has a long list to go through before she steps onto the field.  “Me and one of the other goalkeepers, Tori Correll, always take a pregame selfie before every single game,” Lippi said. “Also, Logan Tyler and I, and Jena Wahdan, always chest bump before we go out onto the field. I also have to dance to the song Rasputin to pump me up.”  

Lippi says her favorite thing about playing soccer at Roanoke has been the ability to achieve her dreams of playing her favorite sport at the collegiate level while representing her school. She also says she will always cherish the “endless memories” she made with her teammates on and off the field.  

When she’s not making game-winning saves, Lippi enjoys taking her dog, Luke, to the Salem Golf Course to watch the sunrise and sunset. She also likes exploring the Salem-Roanoke area and going to the Roanoke star. Her favorite place to grab a quick bite to eat in the Salem area is Chick-fil-A and she alternates between a Chick-fil-A sandwich meal or an 8-count nugget meal, both with a large sweet tea – a staple for Lippi

Not only will Lippi miss playing soccer at Roanoke, but she will also miss the strong relationships she cultivated with her professors over the last 4 years. She also says that she thoroughly enjoyed specific courses she took while at Roanoke, such as INQ-250 Chemistry and Crime, and Criminal Justice Forensics, both courses that made her even more confident in what she wants to pursue post-graduation.  

Lippi has definitely made a name for herself in her soccer career at Roanoke. Her teammates and coaches will miss her positive attitude and always-present ability to make everyone laugh at any given moment. Lippi embodies all of the characteristics of a good leader, teammate, and friend. “It seems like only yesterday I was moving into Tabor to begin my freshman year of college and now I’m almost done,” Lippi said. “It has been the greatest privilege to go to a small school surrounded by beautiful scenery while also playing the sport that I’ve loved for so many years. This school & these past 4 years will always have a special place in my heart…Go Noke!”

Carrington and her teammates will be closing out their season at Virginia Wesleyan on Saturday, October 29. Be sure to cheer on the women’s soccer team as they head towards the postseason!