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The Battle Against General’s Chicken


by Rebecca Dance

To be perfectly honest, I think that General’s chicken is my least favorite meal at Commons. Personally, I believe that there are no redeeming qualities to this meal. At best, I would consider being present in Commons while others are eating it. I’m not frequently at my best. I just don’t like this meal, and I’ve heard this sentiment echoed from many of my peers. There is an audible groan in a room with my friends when we all check the meals on Sunday night to strategize when we want to use our fourteen meal swipes and we see General’s chicken on the one day a week we could all eat together. 

Commons does a good job with most of our meals. Some nights, I just don’t want what they’ve made and that is perfectly natural. However, I have to say that I have never heard anybody be delighted about having General’s chicken.  

And it’s every week. I thought I was safe this week, and then I made it to Sunday (which is still part of my mental week, not calendar week). We haven’t really had a week off from this meal all semester. Maybe we went a week and a half once and my dislike is clouding my vision.

Maybe this is all stemming from the time I got cold General’s chicken in my COVID quarantine food delivery. It looked so unappetizing by the time it got to me that I was excited to eat oatmeal for dinner instead. Maybe I’m just a picky eater. Either way, I really don’t like General’s chicken. 

(Suggestions for alternative chicken dishes: chicken quesadillas, popcorn chicken, more chicken tender nights.)