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by Karen Kholer

This past Sunday, October 2nd, the Taylor Swift Society held a Taylor Swift Dance Party in the Bank Building.  It lasted from 7-10 which was enough time to jam out to an impressive amount of Taylor’s discography.  This includes, of course, the famous dancing song, “All Too Well(10 minute version)” which was surprisingly, perhaps the song that yielded the most energy and excitement, with just about everyone screaming the words.  Her other classics like “Love Story” and “Shake it Off” were of course big hits as well.  The party had a predominantly 1989 theme since it’s an album full of pop perfection most appropriate for a dance party.  There was also a callback to her track “Mirrorball” off “Folklore” with a few little disco balls placed around.

Last year the Taylor Swift Society started here at Roanoke College with last semester being the first time they started to hold events.  Many colleges have started Taylor Swift Societies, notably including Oxford.  It’s a little more difficult to get it going to their level here of course due to our smaller campus and student population but they were able to yield a lot of attention and interest at the club fair.  The club president, Caroline Powell, has done a great job building this club up with a fun and welcoming environment and is helping it to find its proper footing.  She was pleased with how the dance party went and is excited for the future of the club!  This first event had a turnout of about twenty people and the hope is to get the numbers up but this is a good start!  

 This was their first event of the semester and they have a few more fun events coming up if you missed this one!  After fall break there will be a listening party for her new album “Midnights” where there will be a “breakfast at midnight” theme.  This will include, as is implied, a spread of breakfast foods, but will likely not be at midnight for practical purposes.  They plan to have one event a month and continue this schedule next semester.  Other possible upcoming events include a Taylor Swift trivia competition in collaboration with the Quiz Bowl team, a viewing of “Miss Americana” and a karaoke night!