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Maroons Talk: Working on the BA

by Juniper Rogers

Being a part of such an enriching group as the Brackety-Ack is an experience like no other.  To gain some insight on this matter, I reached out to my fellow staffers on what it means to be a Brackety-Acker.

   To the question of “How does being on the college’s newspaper affect your perspective on other college experiences?”,

   Rebecca Dance ‘23 said “Being on the newspaper really taught me responsibility – I’m a section editor so I have to get all the articles and layout the page.  I feel like all college experiences are different depending on what you put into them, and this one is making me adjust a bit from my typical procrastination.  As far as community goes, the Brackety-Ack is unique in that I rarely see the full staff together, but the GroupMe chat is still an available place for conversation.”

   To the question of “In what way does contributing to your college’s newspaper challenge your preconceived notions of the college experience?”,

   Mikaela Gantz ‘25 said “When I was looking at colleges, most of them were in the North, all except Roanoke.  So coming here, to the South, I did have some false preconceived notions about what the socio-political attitudes on campus were going to be like.  Being on the news column, I have found that Roanoke is not at all like the echo-chamber I was afraid of it being.  Through writing about some pretty charged topics, like Lindsay Graham’s Abortion Bill two weeks ago, I have had the opportunity to talk with people who disagreed with me on the topic.  That conversation got me thinking about the other side, which is important as a news writer for the BA to be thinking about.”

   To the question of “How has your experience on the Brackety-Ack team filled you with pride?”,

   Mateo Biggs ‘24 said “My experience with the BA has definitely been a trip – a pleasant one though I can assure! It’s part of the reason I’ve become more confident in my general writing. However, my time on the BA has given me so much pride because I get to be a part of the team that keeps students informed about the world on campus and out of campus, and just knowing I’m able to provide that and help people branch out to join the events on campus, it makes me proud of what I do.”