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Rooney’s Hours Review

by Rebecca Dance

I adore Rooney’s. I always have – even before they accepted meal swipes. When they switched to accepting swipes, I think it was probably one of the best days in my college career. It’s so nice to have a coffee shop on campus. I love espresso drinks and hot chai, but I have no way to make espresso or steamed milk in my dorm without setting off the fire alarm. I wouldn’t want to be forced out of bed because of someone’s morning coffee attempt, so I haven’t made any efforts to make coffee in my dorm beyond what I can get out of my Keurig. 

Most of the time, Rooney’s is perfect. Sometimes the line is a little long but that has nothing to do with the employees and everything to do with class schedules. The same is true of lines at Cavern and the Commons at certain times. I’m not bothered by this. I do, however, wish that Rooney’s was open on the weekends. At least open on Saturdays, like Cavern and Freshens. When I want fancy coffee on the weekends, I either have to walk down to Mill Mountain and use actual money, or I have to drive over to Starbucks or Dunkins. Sometimes, like right now, my car is broken and I can’t do that. Instead, I make coffee in my room and I wish I had a macchiato instead. 

I just wish that Rooney’s was open on Saturdays. 

I think it would do my soul good to know that the option was open for me, and it would encourage me to spend less money going out to get coffee elsewhere. I really appreciate all of the hard work that Rooney’s employees do to keep the student body happy by providing us with all of our caffeine, but I wish I had the option outside of school days. After all, everyone knows that college students are basically mainlining caffeine.