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“House of The Dragon”: the Newest Chapter

by Anna Tillman

The burning question since the release of “House of the Dragon” has been: “Game of Thrones” or “House of the Dragon”? Well, why not both! “Game of Thrones” was a phenomenon that had a huge fan following. For years, that was THE show to watch and rightfully so. The plot was addictive, and the world building was incredible. However, many fans felt spited after the anticlimactic ending producers came up with. It definitely was not an ending anyone expected or appreciated. With that being said, when it was announced that they were making “House of the Dragon”, fans were wary. Would this new series live up to the “Game of Thrones” name or would it be just as disappointing as the season 8 ending? 

“House of the Dragon” definitely does not disappoint! 5 episodes have now been released and viewers are loving every single one. The vibe of the show is immaculate. Producers were not focused on trying to make this new series better than “Game of Thrones”. The goal of the show is to bring fans back to the world of Westeros that they know and love. Conceptually, both series are quite different. “Game of Thrones” had many plot points and family lines to focus on. All the beloved characters were almost always in different settlings with varying plots. Unlike “House of the Dragon”, which follows the family drama of the Targaryen’s. 

Rhaenyra Targaryen is the main character of the show. Viewers get to watch Rhaenyra grow up and fight for her right to the Iron Throne. However, since she is a woman, many do not want her to lead all of Westeros. Numerous characters throughout the show try to manipulate their way to steal the throne from her. Rhaenyra is an extraordinarily strong and powerful character which makes this show so enticing to watch! This series has a little bit of everything: incredible world building, stressful politics, and insane battles. Also, dragons! House of the Dragon is definitely worth binge watching! New episodes are released every Sunday at 9:00 pm on HBO Max.