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Family Weekend 2022

by Mikaela Gantz

Family Weekend 2022 is quickly approaching. This exciting weekend brings plenty of events for students and their families to attend. For families interested in sports, women’s volleyball, men’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s tennis, men’s and women’s soccer, and men’s and women’s swim have games you can watch to support our Maroons.  

Many academic departments are also hosting events over the weekend including the Chemistry Department’s “The Magic of Chemistry” and Religion & Philosophy Department’s “Trivia Trivia Trivia!”. These events are meant to be fun for the whole family, and all Maroons are invited. There are also outdoor adventure sponsored events, like hikes to McAfee Knob and Sawtooth Ridge if you want to take in the views of Southwestern Virginia with your visitors.  

On the academic side of things, there is plenty to partake in, too. There is a Scholarships & Fellowship Information Session, From Dream to Plan (for freshman and sophomore parents), and From Plan to Professional (for junior and senior parents). Families can also experience Friday on the Quad (FOTQ) and enjoy dinner with their students on the Back Quad.  

Aside from these events, there are many things for families to enjoy at RC. Some more casual activities might include walking around campus, grabbing a coffee at Mill Mountain, watching the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains, or perhaps driving out to the Mill Mountain Star. There’s plenty of gorgeous views and exciting things to do in the Salem area—take advantage of this weekend to show off the beauty of your new home.  

For more information about Family Weekend events, schedules, and ticket information, please visit roanoke.edu/family_weekend_2022