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Its More Than Just a Keurig


by Marisa Seager

As of last week, we are officially back at school which also means we are right back in the dorms. In my experience, many students, whether new or retuning, either have a Keurig in their room or know someone that does. Although this isn’t surprising on a college campus where most students need pick me ups to get by, did you know that a Keurig can be used for a lot more than plain old coffee? 


Here are some of the things you can make with a Keurig other than coffee:

  • Tea 
    • This one may be on more of the obvious side, but you can either purchase tea k-cups or simply use the Keurig for hot water to pour over your favorite tea bag. Grab some tea on your next grocery trip or even the next time you visit Commons.
  • Instant Noodles
    • The next time you make a cup of noodles, try using your Keurig as the hot water source. As a matter of fact, the large cup setting will dispense water right up to the fill line inside the cup. 
  • Oatmeal
    • You can have your breakfast just as quickly as your morning cup of coffee! All you have to do is empty a packet of oatmeal into a bowl, place it under the Keurig, select the smallest cup setting, and then hit brew.  
  • Rice
    • Any of the “just add water” convenience foods can be quickly made with your Keurig. Measure a ½ cup of instant rice, pour it into a mug, place it underneath, choose the smallest cup setting, and let the water cover the rice. 
  • Seasonal Beverages
    • Why prepare drinks like hot chocolate and cider the traditional way when you can make a single serving much easier? All you need is a k-cup or drink packet and your trusty Keurig. 


Of course, these aren’t all of the things that you can make with a Keurig, but these are some of the most dorm friendly ones I’ve come across. Whether for convenience or to save some time, all of these ideas are worth a try!