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Back to School Tips

by Mia Shelton

Welcome back to Sunny Salem!  It has finally approached the time of year when everyone scuffles back to campus for yet another semester!  It is always exciting to see friends and professors after a much needed summer break.   

The first day or so, you unpack, meet new friends, or reconcile with old ones.  You enjoy the last true moments of summer before the impending doom of schoolwork arises.  Papers that shouldn’t be that long, readings that tell a tale of heavy eyes and heavy z’s, and horrid first day ice breakers. There is a lot to feel indifferent about in the return to school.  It is easy to let the first couple assignments pile up.  Sometimes, it feels as though there may never be a solution to the repetitional school related issues, resulting in copious stress.  Use these niche tips to make this semester a breeze.  

When looking for the biggest distraction on a day-to-day encounter, cell phones are the man fit for the crime.  People dump hours of their day into their personal electronic devices, ruining their attention span and the ability to stay on task.  Reducing how often you stay on your phone will make longer durations of work, or time you are not on your phone, easier and more efficient.  Your brain will find less of a craving for mind-numbing stimulation.  

Take breaks!  You shouldn’t work on homework for seven hours straight.  No one wishes to spend a day doing such.  Break up your work into small lists throughout the day, divide, and conquer.  Taking a break in between will refresh your brain and keep you stimulated.  When taking a break, going on your cell phone can derail attention span and proper brain stimulation.  A proper break can be spent doing one of the following tasks: reading, drawing, coloring, cleaning an area, indulging in a hobby such as scrapbooking, etc.  Nonetheless, when taking a break, it should be an activity that you wish to complete.  Something rewarding or fulfilling.  

Changing your outlook on schoolwork can make completing assignments much easier.  It is important to realize that what you are completing is for your greater good.  Even if it is information you might not use later in life, you still learned something new for your enrichment.  If something seems challenging, write the steps out on paper.  Divide and conquer.  This can make a task feel more approachable rather than daunting.  Be mindful of the work you are completing.  Realize how you feel after completing an assignment in full.  Use that sense of fulfillment to keep you going. 

Here’s to a great semester of working hard, kindness, open-mindedness, and zero stress… or so you say.  

Life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock – Hannah Montana