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The Maxey Legacy


by Devon Mitchell

For 37 years, President Michael C. Maxey has served the Roanoke community in various roles, and in that time he has imprinted a legacy upon Maroons of all ages. As the final semester of his administration comes to a close, we look back on the impact he has made on campus.  

It’s hard to forget President Maxey and his bow ties. Overwhelmingly, Roanoke students think of bow ties when they think of Maxey. When announcing his retirement, Maxey noted he had exactly one bow tie for his remaining days at Roanoke. Sam Ream ‘21 recalls the president’s readiness to help teach, stating, “He repeatedly took time out of his day to teach me how to tie one.” Ream also recalled President Maxey’s compassion, “He takes the time to walk around campus and say hi to everyone and makes it feel like he is a part of the students on campus life.” 

One of President Maxey’s many attributes that makes him beloved on campus is his kindness and eagerness to connect with everyone. Senior Cici Montalvo said, “He has a natural inclination to bond and form a personal connection with the student body, which is important for a small campus like Roanoke.” 

Over the past few years, while the Roanoke community has faced new challenges and stressors, President Maxey’s leadership has not gone unnoticed. “President Maxey’s presence was comforting and reassuring during such a confusing and frightening time and I’m very grateful for that,” said junior Kristi Rolf. 

President Maxey’s legacy stretches beyond what students see. It is important to highlight accomplishments such as leading the largest fundraising campaign in Roanoke history raising over $200,000,000, working alongside students in all 16 R-House builds during his tenure, hiring the first Vice President of Community Diversity and Inclusion and overseeing the completion of the Cregger Center. These moments are just a glimpse into Maxey’s many accomplishments during his time as president.  

Recent alum, Kaelyn Spickler ‘21 said it best, sharing that“President Maxey’s legacy is much greater than his extensive bow tie collection; it’s his genuine love and appreciation for the RC community and everyone in it.” 

On behalf of all Maroons, thank you President Maxey for 37 years of bow ties, kindness, and dedication to Roanoke College.