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Maroons Talk: Presidential Change

As we approach the end of President Maxey’s time at Roanoke College, feelings are bittersweet about his departure and the introduction of our new President Elect: Frank Shushok Jr., Ph.D. As we all know, President Maxey is well adored by the students, staff and faculty of the college, so today we will hear from 3 students about their feeling toward this new chapter of Roanoke College History.

Jayde Mooney 2025

President Maxey leaving has made me sad but also excited for the future. I think everybody can agree that President Maxey is a legend so he will be missed. It’s the end of an era. One of my favorite memories of him was when he hosted the bow tie seminar before Presidents Ball a couple weeks ago. I hope the new president knows how welcoming we are as a community. If I’ve learned anything about Roanoke, it’s that Maroons are super welcoming and caring people. I hope that the school keeps up with hosting the President’s Ball. As a first-year student I really would love to be able to go to more than one!

Melody Passmore 2023

I definitely feel sad about President Maxey leaving because even though we didn’t ever have full conversations he always made students feel recognized while walking around campus. One of my favorite memories is going to his house for the welcoming ceremony of first years. Our new President Shushok should know how involved the community is and that it is tight knit. Students, faculty, and staff go above and beyond to help each other. I hope that the welcoming dinner comes back post Covid and continues with the new president. I feel this makes the first weekend more welcoming when you first get to Roanoke!

Natalie Webster 2025

I am definitely saddened by President Maxey leaving. In the short time I’ve been here he has been an amazing president. Getting to dance with him at President’s Ball was a super fun experience that I’ll remember forever. I hope the new president know that our community values honesty and helping our Roanoke family, whatever they need. If we can continue to have President’s Ball that would be amazing, but it would be cool if he started new traditions at the college. Something of his own.