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Springtime in Salem


by Mia Shelton

Happy spring to all beauties out there!  Warmer weather is creeping our way, and we are all itching to be in the sunshine.  Take the time to explore sunny Salem during the warm seasons and make some memories along the way.  Here are some favorite springtime activities to complete this year! 

First, really take time this semester to be outside.  Find any excuse to breathe in the fresh air and listen to the bird’s chirp.  Doing homework outside can help make this daunting task enjoyable.  Play some music and invite some friends for motivation.  Buying outdoor games can keep you active and provide quality time with your friends. Renting bikes from the library is an environmentally friendly way to transport from place to place.  This can be easier than driving a car as well.  

Second, for readers that are 21 or over, visiting breweries around town with friends is a relaxing and fun way to pass a Sunday afternoon.  Breweries such as Parkway Brewing Company can entertain a gaggle of friends on a warm spring day.  

Roller skating in Downtown Roanoke is a great way to spend a rainy spring day!  The Skate Center of Roanoke County offers hours daily and is priced fairly for your enjoyment.  Another rainy-day activity is traveling downtown to Sidewinders.  On Tuesdays, Sidewinders is open to college students for a night of line dancing and fun!  Visiting the art museum downtown can appeal to those who like art and are looking for a relaxing day with friends.  

Lastly, for any dog lovers, on delightfully sunny days travel to the Roanoke ASPCA to adopt a dog for the day!  This activity can count as community service.  Take a four-legged friend for a walk, play with him around campus, or enjoy the company of the furry friend.  When you are done, simply return the dog at the end of the day. 

Spring is a time to rejoice in the people you love!  Smell the blooming flowers and take time to watch the trees sway.  Please be safe this spring and remember to make memories along the way!  School can be super stressful, so take the time to enjoy the company in the ones you care for, and learn how to enjoy alone time!