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courtesy of Indeya Paige

On Thursday, February 17th the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Student Chapter of Roanoke College hosted the Professional SHRM Chapter of Roanoke Valley. This was the fourth annual joint meeting with the professional and student SHRM Chapters. Students had the opportunity to give a presentation on “Generational Preferences in the Workplace”. The speakers consisted of the student SHRM Chapter President Indeya Paige, Vice President Lilly Adam, Director of Communications Emily Curfman, and Treasurer Parker Moody. Each speaker gave a brief statement of how generational differences effect the modern-day workplace. The environment between students and professionals was very interactive, posing many conservation topics. Overall, more than 25 professionals and students in the human resource management concentration attended this student led event.

Parker Moody, a senior at Roanoke college and the treasurer for the Student SHRM chapter, discussed the different generations within the workplace. Moody created a discussion about how sometimes generational biases may exist in the workplace and how to overcome them. Emily Curfman, director of communications and a current senior at Roanoke College, reminded the professionals to stay respectful of your employee’s preferred method of communication. There were several engaging discussions about if texting is appropriate in the workplace between professionals and students. When it comes to one’s preferred method of communication who adjusts in a workplace the manager or employee? This was a great question of discussion. Lilly Adam, a sophomore at Roanoke College and vice president of the student chapter, went over dressing in the workplace. Adam started a discussion between professionals on whether leggings are acceptable workplace attire in the modern-day workplace. Again, the discussion was very interactive and engaging. 

After the presentation the professionals had an opportunity to voice any questions they had to a student panel. This event was the most engaging one yet. The SHRM Student Chapter thanks the professional chapter for all their inclusion and support! 

Will you have a job one day working with people? Yes, of course you will. The human resource management concentration is beneficial to any major. Feel free to reach out to Dr. Sweet or the SHRM Student Chapter President, Indeya Paige, if you have any questions.