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Ukranians Stall Putin’s Progress

Near the town of Domorovce, Kosovo. United States Army and Russian soldiers of the Kosovo Force (KFOR) organize to halt an angry confrontation between Albanians and Serbians, after two Serbian men disappeared. The Serbians believe the Albanians abducted the men and began to make threats and block the road to stop Albanians from traveling safely through town. The Albanians began to form a mob to confront the Serbians until US and Russian KFOR troops made a wall between the opposing sides. Task Force Falcon, Operation Joint Guardian, 15 August 2000.

by Edgard Lacayo

Putin’s invasion has been slowed down over the past weeks and the war has begun to become static. The feared Russian 40-mile-long convoy has been stopped. This convoy was bringing needed supplies for the Russians such as fuel and ammunition. It was composed of tanks, armored vehicles, and towed artillery pieces. The convoy has since been seen repositioning itself near the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. It is believed that the Russians are regrouping and reorganizing before preparing an assault on Kyiv. 

This invasion has been extremely costly for Putin. The Ukrainians have been very effective at destroying Russian equipment. The use for guided rocket launchers along with educating the citizenry on how to target Russian equipment has given the Ukrainians a massive advantage. Each day the Russians run into more problems. The advanced forces have outpaced their supply lines which along with low morale and Ukrainian resistance has stalled the invasion. The Ukrainian armed forces have reported that the Russians have lost 12,000 soldiers, 374 tanks and 1,226 armored combat vehicles, 140 artillery systems, 62 multiple rocket launchers, 34 air defense systems, 74 aircraft, 86 helicopters, 600 vehicles, three ships/boats, 60 fuel trucks and seven unmanned aerial vehicles. Domestically, Putin has also taken a large blow. Russia has been severely sanctioned, and the economy has taken a massive hit, especially with so many foreign companies refusing to do business with Russia. They have also been sanctioned from other things such as international competitions and events.  

Within Russia, the war is highly unpopular as it is not only costing Russian lives but also because of the severe economic impact that is already being felt by everyday Russians. Russians have gone out to protest the war and many have been arrested. Despite the dangers of speaking out against the war, many continue to denounce Putin’s actions. Online, Russian influencers, celebrities, and athletes have denounced the war. A news broadcast was interrupted by a news station employee holding a sign denouncing the war in Russian and English. 

The only advance that Russia has achieved in Ukraine is in the city of Melitopol near Crimea, where the Ukrainian flag has been taken down from the central square. They captured the old mayor and sent him to Luhansk and installed a new pro Russia mayor.  

It seems that the only country that is willing to help Russia right now is China. They are considering providing aid to the Russian military in the form of food supplies. The US has warned China about severe repercussions if they assist the Russian invasion in any way. 

Meanwhile the Ukrainian government has reported that over 2 million people have fled Ukraine and have called attention to possible war crimes being committed by Russian forces. President Zelensky also addressed the Russian forces in a speech asking them to stop fighting asking “Why should you die?”. Zelensky has also expressed his gratitude towards the Russians who are not afraid of protesting the war.