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Graduation Draws Near for Class of ’22


by Jack Miller  

As March continues and graduation gets closer and closer, Roanoke is excited to announce that the Final 50 Days celebration is planned for March 18. 50 Days will be the stand-in for the typical 100 Days celebration held each year as seniors get closer to graduation that was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19 concerns. The festivities will sit amongst many other senior events that the college will host over the upcoming months. 

50 Days will be exclusive to the Class of 2022. The event will be held in the Cregger Center starting at 6:00 and going until 9:00. Activities will include dancing, games, food, and more. The event will be semi-formal and no outside guests will be permitted to attend. Seniors have received an email including important info about the event, the Office of Alumni Relations asks that seniors fill out a short survey, included in the email to help make this celebration a positive experience for all attendees.  

A valid photo ID or Maroon Card will be necessary for entry, and each senior 21 or older will receive two free alcoholic beverages. Congratulations seniors on making it this far, finish strong!