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For the Love of Music

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by Mateo Biggs

     ​Ah, Valentine’s Day. The time for couples to hang out and enjoy their relationship, for friends to partake in palentines, and for certain people to wait for it to end so they can grab the discounted chocolate the very next day. Pinks and reds dot grocery stores, heart shaped balloons float outside flower shops, and Starbucks pulls out the cute little pastries to go with the amazing coffee that fuels many over-caffeinated college students here at Roanoke College.

     While some people hate Valentine’s Day with a burning passion due to the commercialism behind it, or the loneliness that comes with watching romance bloom, at least there is always something to enjoy no matter what.

     Music has always been a huge part of romance no matter where you look, from older songs that will remain timeless in their enjoyment to newer releases that just hit different. While a bit biased, since some of the choices on this list are my own personal favorites, I hope these songs will brighten up someone else’s Valentine’s Day as well.

  1. Nat King Cole – “L-O-V-E” (1964)

     A classic song that was part of the final album released by Nat King Cole and arranged by Ralph Carmichael, it’s always a nice one to listen to with those you want to show your true appreciation for.

  1. Lily Allen – “Somewhere Only We Know” (2014)

     A more modern cover of Keane’s original composition from 2004, Lily Allen’s rendition is a perfect blend of sweet and heartfelt in a way that tugs at your feelings. It gives almost a perfect Disney-esque feel with the way the notes flow and surround you.

  1. Death Cab for Cutie – “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” (2006)

     Perhaps not as upbeat as the other songs on this list, but the more somber guitar chords nonetheless still speak of an unbreakable promise between singer and listener that showcases the other side of love.

  1. Bug Hunter – “Be Glad I Love You (Go to Bed)” (2018)

     And here we switch tunes once again, from Death Cab for Cutie’s somber chords and lulling tune, we get Bug Hunter’s up-beat fast guitar notes that tell the story of him and his partner through the most domestic of moments. It makes even the most hopeless romantics feel like they’re getting cavities.

          While there are more songs that I would love to list and give appreciation to, I don’t think I would possibly be able to do them all justice. However, some notable artist mentions are definitely The Beatles, Novo Amor, The Script, Hunter Hayes, Jennifer Lopez, Natti Natasha and J Balvin.