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Striving to Survive the Winter Blues


by Marisa Seager

Seasonal depression, winter blues, or whatever you want to call it, is very much real. It is common that people find their overall mood to be impacted as the weather begins to change. Although it might seem nearly impossible to break free of the seasonal chains, there are numerous suggestions that can be implemented to help ease your body and mind.

Here are a few ideas to either try or keep in mind this year:

As easy as it might sound, simply wake up and start your day.

I know that especially as college students, most of us like to sleep in whenever we get the chance, but oversleeping can actually result in making you more tired. So, try to resist that snooze button and get moving when your alarm, internal or not, goes off. 

Consume less sugar in both beverages and food.

While I love having an energy drink from time to time, I also know that it will actually give me less energy in return. By cutting back on the amount of sugar you consume, you will have higher energy levels, strengthen your immune system, and generally feel a lot better too.

Incorporate some “me time” into your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

This one can mean anything from therapy to relaxing to switching up your skincare routine. Any form of self-care or self-preservation can not only make you feel good but help fight the blues.

Take advantage of good weather days or time that you might have off.

During the winter months, many of us will have breaks from school, work, and other priorities. So, like I said in the very first suggestion, start your day and do not let it go to waste. You should use this time wisely to not only give yourself a much-needed break, but also to spend time with loved ones, engage in hobbies, and maybe even try something new. 

Try to remember that favorable seasons like spring and summer will come once again. 

Just think of the warmer sunny days as the light at the end of a tunnel. Like other seasons and times of the year, this will come to an end, and in time we will cycle through all over again.