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Your Holiday Watchlist


by Karen Kohler

     Thanksgiving is over, so now that means Christmas time is fast approaching — or has already been here for awhile, depending on how long of a season you like to give it. With the Christmas season comes an array of holiday movies, and Netflix alone has developed quite a large selection. Here is a sampling of some festive entries to add to your watchlist!

     Most famous, or perhaps infamous, is Netflix’s “The Princess Switch” movies. They currently form a trilogy, but it is doubtful that the series is over. The first movie is worth the watch and is simple enough to follow. Two girls who look the same, both played by Vanessa Hudgens, meet and decide to switch lives. One is a duchess set to marry a prince, and the other is a baker from Chicago. There are two romances that play out in true rom-com fashion, and all in all it’s a cute, feel-good Christmas movie, even if the choice to make sequels was a questionable one.  

     ​Also on Netflix, for a movie that appeals more to the kids and the magic of Santa Claus, is 

“The Christmas Chronicles.” This really has everything you could want in a Christmas movie. It follows a pair of siblings that seem to do nothing but fight since their dad passed away. But the younger sister insists to her cranky older brother that she’ll prove to him that Santa exists, and she does. But in the process they destroy his sleigh and have to help him deliver presents. It’s complete with adorable animated elves and a scene of Santa literally putting on a whole musical number from a jail cell.  

     ​If you’re looking for a short holiday show to binge watch in a day as opposed to a movie, try “Dash & Lily.” This cute, heartwarming story follows two teens who meet via scavenger hunt. Hopeless romantic Lily wants a date on Christmas after being single her whole life, so she takes a bold and untraditional move and puts a book full of scavenger hunt clues in a book shop for someone to find and eventually be led to her. 

     Of course, Dash is the exact opposite of Lily in that he is a pessimist that dreads Christmas and is still getting over his ex. However, he is intrigued by Lily’s game, plays along and then starts to fall for her. You can fill in the blanks from there — or just watch it, you’ll have a great time!  If you need any more motivation, the Jonas Brothers also make a cameo.

     Hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start and leads you down a perfect holiday rabbit hole. Happy watching!