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Turkey for National Bird


Chamberlain Zulauf

Thanksgiving fun fact- Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird of the United States. That’s a pretty common fact nowadays but, it’s actually a myth. The story rose from his criticism of the National Symbol, saying Charles Thomson’s design looked more like a turkey. Late 18th-century flame.

Even if it is a myth, let’s not move on so quickly. Is the turkey such a bad idea? Both animals are found only in North America, both are intelligent and ferocious. Ben Franklin once called them “birds of courage”.

Imagine if the turkey was our National Bird and the Washington Football Team changed their name to the Turkeys. The colors could still work. Washington plays in the Thanksgiving game every year anyway so wouldn’t it be so fitting for the Turkeys to be playing the Packers on the 25th?

Don’t confuse wild turkeys with their domesticated counterparts we see on the table. I will admit it would be messed up for us to genetically modify our own National Bird. To be fair domestic turkeys aren’t as dumb as everyone says. They have good geographic and social memory and are curious by nature.

Eagles are smart too and can fly, but imagine the possibility! Turkeys have a strong correlation with Thanksgiving- which would be transformed into the ultimate American holiday. A holiday in the middle of November is all about family values but the visuals of the 4th of July would be remarkable.