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How to Host a Dorm Friendsgiving


By Sydney Young

While most people skip right from Halloween to Christmas, I am one of the few people I know that actually loves Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it is unrealistic for everybody to go home for such a short academic break, which means new traditions are in order. In honor of the holiday traditions I love the most, and to start new traditions with friends I am very grateful for, a dorm room Friendsgiving is in order!

What is a Friendsgiving? Well, it’s just like a regular thanksgiving but with all of your friends, not your family. All you have to do is gather the friends you love the most, say some things that you’re grateful for and then eat. Simple as pie! But if you still want some guidance, here are some steps to put together your own perfect dorm room Friendsgiving. 

First thing to keep in mind is the guest list. While it is tempting to invite every new friend that you’ve made, consider keeping it on the smaller side to make sure that you have enough room for everybody, and that people will know each other. You can also host multiple parties to make sure you can celebrate with everybody. 

Then there is the best part of the holiday: the food. While it is immediately obvious that you will not be cooking an entire turkey, there is still much you can do. Even in a tiny dorm hall kitchen, or without cooking at all. Any typical foods you would expect to see on your plate can be replaced with their college kid replacement. Mashed potatoes? How about using an entire swipe on French Fries from Cavern? Homemade pumpkin pie? How about a store-bought version? Or just put out some pints of ice cream. 

Try to assign each person that you’ve invited one thing to bring. Whether it be a food item, drinks, or decorations to add to the festivities. Remember, nothing about this meal has to be typical, and ordering your favorite pizza is totally acceptable. Maybe a little bit of humor can ensue for the cobbled together meal you will create as a group. 

Third, consider the activities. While some families run Turkey 5K’s, and play tackle football on the front lawn, some of us cringe at the thought of athletic achievement on this holiday. While the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade might not be on, watching classis Thanksgiving movies is highly recommended. Personal recommendation: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 

Ultimately, getting your friends together for one special occasion doesn’t have to be fancy. Regardless of how you get together for the holidays with friends, it can be a great time to make new special memories with new or old friends.