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The Meaning of Spooky Season


By Chamberlain Zulauf

   I have to say, I’m team Halloween. Good ol’ winter holidays are nice and all, but spooky season is King. Christmas movies are always going on about the meaning of the holiday. Spooktober has just as much meaning and is a lot more fun.

            Let’s take movies for example: name a sad Halloween movie. Exactly. It seems like every Christmas movie is sad somehow. It’s a holiday- I don’t want to be sad! Pint one Halloween.

            Halloween movies have a lot more range than Christmas movies too. If you’re a hardcore gore head, there are horror movies of course. I like to watch lighthearted movies, to be honest, but horror movies are fun. I’m talking Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, and Mostly Ghostly even. Of course, we’ll all always have The Nightmare before Christmas.

            Halloween may be morbid but it’s not sad. It’s the last bit of being silly before the winter slump comes. Things like fake bones in the yard and scary stories are a way for us to desensitize ourselves to the impending bitter dormancy of November-February. *Ahem*

            Spooky season serves to gently usher us all into the later months of the year which is a time when morale needs to be rallied. People can be so creative when it comes to Halloween traditions and use that as an outlet. Don’t even get me started on pumpkin carving!

            October 2021 is almost over, and it has been quite a spooky time indeed. See you in the Christmas issue.