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Costumes for Sports Fans


By Alexis Barton

As October 31st rapidly approaches, everyone is trying to get their costume together, or costumes plural if you’re a Halloween enthusiast. For sports fans, it’s easy to default to throwing on our favorite player’s jersey and calling it a night, but here’s a few tips on how to elevate your costume. 

  1. Head to eBay, the local Goodwill, or an online retailer to find a vintage jersey. Everyone could wear a brand new, 2021 Lamar Jackson Ravens jersey, but you’ll stand out from the crowd if you roll around in a 1972 Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts jersey. Even if you don’t want to go that far back in history, at least throw it back to when Tom Brady played for the Patriots. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to go all out with your gear. Whip out your old cleats, pads, hats, skates, or whatever equipment you used for your sport of choice in high school. Trying to relive your glory days of travel soccer, but you don’t have your old gear? Ask a friend!
  3. Really get into character. Want to pretend you’re Alex Ovechkin for the night? Ask a friend to knock out a couple of your teeth and repeat the phrase “Russian machine never break” in the mirror a few times before you head out. 
  4. Don’t go alone– find your team! To get the full effect of what you’re trying to show off and to have more fun, get your friends in on the plan and dress up together.

If you’re really lost on your costume and need a step-by-step guide, check out a few of these costume ideas:

Bill Belichick, Head Coach of the New England Patriots

  1. Purchase a Patriots sweatshirt (preferably a cheap one)
  2. Cut off the sleeves
  3. Layer it on top of a long sleeve blue shirt
  4. Pair it with your favorite pair of rolled-up sweatpants
  5. To get the full effect, make sure to remind everyone in your group project to “do your job”

Aaron Judge, Right Fielder for the New York Yankees

  1. Chow down on some MiracleGro to work your way up to 6-foot-7
  2. Put on the good old pinstripes
  3. Forget everything you know about winning a baseball game, but only for the month of October

Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League

  1. Put on your best suit
  2. Put on a clown nose
  3. Give your friends fines for having fun on Halloween night