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Last Minute Halloween Costumes


By Mia Shelton

BOO! Were you spooked?  Who’s excited for Halloweekend?  Halloween is tiptoeing around the corner, and there is always pressure to have an amazing costume. Here are some last minute costumes that are clever- and totally not basic.

For the ladies, basic Halloween costumes that are easy off the bat include the following: a cat, mouse, angel, devil, etc.  I’m sure we are all familiar of these.  Pop out in something different, and comfortable, this Halloween.  For example, Naco Libre.  A sleek body suit, black wig, tights, and a cape.  Good to go!  Comfortable, stylish, and sure to get people talking.  If you are looking for other silly options, consider Captain Underpants, Sheen from Jimmy Neutron, or The Berries and Cream lad.  If you are looking for something with a little more style to it, consider a hippy, a Fembot, a boxer, Victoria Secret Angel, fairy, etc.  Something easy you could throw together with whatever you have laying around.  

Gather some friends, or a significant other, and have fun with a group costume!  A personal favorite of mine is Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.  Get your tights and warm up the invisible boatmobile!  Some other killer ideas are: Blue and Magenta from Blues Clues, Dora and Boots, Troy and Gabriella, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, Buttercup and West from the Princess Bride, or Mung Daal and Truffles from Chowder.  Some might take more work than others, but are for sure worth the hustle!  

For my fellas out there, take this opportunity to go goofy.  Impress the ladies with a clever costume that will make them laugh. Some good ideas are Jake from State farm, Dwight Schrute, the Brawny paper towels lumberjack, Captain Crunch, Popeye, a dad, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson- specifically the fanny pack picture, or a boy scout.  If you are looking for something with a little spice, try a fireman, Magic Mike, a boxer, or football player.  

Whatever or whoever you choose to be this Halloween, use this time to express yourself!  Wear whatever makes you comfortable!  Be safe this Halloween, and remember to spread kindness this spooky season!