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Senior Spotlight: Youssef Labriny


Written by Chamberlain Zulauf

Just about everyone on campus knows Youssef Labriny, it’s hard to miss him. If it isn’t the warmness in his demeanor, you’ll certainly notice his size. Youssef is involved all around campus, but his studies involve majoring in Economics and Minoring in Math.

“The Genie Labriny” hails from Alexandria, VA and will be graduating this spring,

“I came here to grow as a person, so being away from home in a setting where I wasn’t in the ‘real world’ is the perfect opportunity to figure out what I want in life,” said Youssef.

Professionally, Youssef would like to either go to Graduate School for Data Science, “Probably at Radford”, or to go straight into the industry working as a data analyst.

Life plans could keep him here in Roanoke or moving back home.

Roanoke has given Youssef a lot of opportunities to shine. The Genie has grown and learned a lot about himself during his time here at Roanoke and will be sure to bring that with him wherever he ends up.  

His best memory is joining the track team his sophomore year with no prior experience, “I still remember [my friends] just looking at me one day like “Hey! You should join the track team!” It was an encouraging moment that changed my life”

As a senior he throws weight indoor and discus and hammer in outdoor.

“There’s always more to improve on and now I’m teaching new guys what to do which is crazy”.

The Track & Field team isn’t the only family Youssef belongs to at ‘Noke. In the fall of his sophomore year Youssef rushed Pi Lambda Phi. His Junior year he would act as the GRM for the Pi Lamb mansion on EC which would set him up his Senior year to be Head Greek RA.

“Acting as the GRM was a lot of fun and I’m thankful I did it because it paved the road for where I am now… being head RA on EC is a really good position, not just because I get paid, but because I get to interact with my residents and people know who I am. There was a lot of leadership training that went into my position. I learned a lot about myself through that,” said Youssef.

The main things Youssef has taken away from acting as an RA is how to talk to and relate to people. It’s an experience that has made him even more approachable.

On top of throwing and RAing Youssef is also an active member of the Beekeeping Club and the President/Garden Manager for the Gardening Club. If it weren’t for Youssef staying in Salem this past summer as an RA our bees might have gone unkept!

“I joined the gardening club to let off some steam, like flipping compost and messing with the chickens,” said Youssef.

His favorite chicken is Karen who he says is the feistiest, plus she lays blue eggs.    

Karen would probably agree that Youssef is known to be an approachable and content person,

“I know some people who don’t know me think I’m intimidating at first, but I also know that my friends see me as a teddy bear,” said Youssef.

So how does he maintain such Zen?

“Read as many self-help books as you can. That’s what I do when I have a problem I can’t figure out, usually a book can teach you what you need to know ” said Youssef.

“Shout out Pi Lamb, Jenna and all the friends who have joined me along the way!”