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Mentally Preparing for Midterms


Written by Mia Shelton

Me oh my!  Midterms are already here?  How can that be? It feels like yesterday everyone moved in, bright eyes and eager for what’s to come.  

Most people can agree that this first semester has been rough.  Weeks fly by and it feels impossible to catch up.  Assignments are becoming difficult to complete, and the lack of motivation chains you further from your accomplishments.  The best part of falling down the rabbit hole, is clawing your way back up to success.  The smallest victories mean the most sometimes.  Since midterms are approaching faster than we would like, some tips to deal with midterm blues can help relieve some stress.  

First, make a schedule and set goals for yourself! Making lists show what you need to get done, and who doesn’t like to cross out a completed task!?  It’s easy to become overwhelmed when there is a lot to complete.  Sectioning out your time into smaller tasks can help your complete assignments on time and stress free.  

Second, use all the resources available to you!  All professors want to see you succeed; they will be upset to learn they couldn’t help when you needed it.  If you are falling behind, never feel ashamed to ask for help.  Everyone needs help sometimes, surround yourself with people that are already stretching their hand out to hoist you up.  It’s easy to feel discouraged when you get so far behind but remember; what’s in the past is a learning experience for the future.  Don’t use your lows to prevent you from the highs!  

Listening to music always motivates me through assignments!  Getting distracted is quite easy when there are tasks you don’t want to complete.  Using specific playlists can help guide you through your work.  Listen to yourself and allow breaks!  Remember that school should also be fun too!  Allow yourself to take breaks and take care of yourself.  Watch a movie with friends or play a game!  At the end of the day, you managed to wake up and complete another 24 hours.  What more could anyone ask?  Remember you are kind, smart, and so important!  Treat yourself and others with kindness and understanding this midterm season, and good luck to everyone!