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President Maxey Set to Retire In August


Alexis Barton

In an email sent out to the College community on Thursday, September 23rd, Roanoke College President Michael C. Maxey announced that he would be retiring from his position effective August 1st, 2022. Following several decades of service in various roles at the College, Maxey states that he is, “convinced that the close of this academic year is an optimal moment to retire. I feel very positive about Roanoke College’s future and the steps we are taking to make greater progress.”

President Maxey became a part of the Roanoke community in January of 1985, where he says the “Roanoke College magic” took over. His dedication to the College has been evident in his storied career that revolves around sustainable progress and growth for the College as well as his dedication to the student experience. Maxey’s decision is driven by his belief that the College is in a healthy, stable time where a leadership change could be absorbed well, as well as his bright vision for Roanoke’s future. This bright future will include several of the efforts that were fostered under Maxey’s leadership, including expanding athletic teams on campus, increasing enrollment, expanding on-campus housing opportunities, and investing in a new academic hall for the sciences. 

Since the spring of 2020, President Maxey’s leadership has been on full display through the continuance of the COVID-19 pandemic. His priorities remain true, however, despite the challenges of having students on campus, in-person classes, and remaining financially stable in an era marked by instability. Maxey has made the deliberate choice to prioritize not only the health of students, faculty, and staff, but to also prioritize the wants and needs of the College community at-large. His pragmatic leadership led Roanoke to two hybrid semesters in the 2020-21 academic year, as well as a healthy start to the 2021 fall semester. These experiences would not be complete without his regular interactions with students in Commons, his bowtie demonstrations, and his appearances at various athletic events supporting our Maroons. 

As President Maxey embarks on his final academic year as the President of Roanoke College, he will undoubtedly continue his dedication to students, faculty, staff, and the community of Salem.